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Stand out from the crowd in this super soft hoodie featuring our Wonder logo and a few essential reminders:

The small print reads: "Look in the mirror, and there you'll find a solution for our world's great brokenness. Look in the mirror, and there you'll see a person of significant influence. A dreamer with guts. One who dares to wonder. One who shapes a generation."

Sounds like you. <3


Product Details

50% preshrunk cotton, 50% polyester

Includes adjustable hood and pouch pocket

Machine wash cold inside out, hang dry

Model is 5’4 wearing size XL


Discouragement is one of the most paralyzing emotions. It can shape your view of the past, present, future and even yourself. Left unchecked or under-encouraged, disappointment can rob your heart of all hope and set false expectations for life's outcomes. This hoodie serves as a reminder for a few things: 

1. You were created on purpose to bring good to the world - in these days and in the days to come. Nothing will ever change this fact about you.

2. God didn't create you to live a mediocre life. You were not born to live in fear, rejection or failure, but in power, humility, joy and wonder. This isn't to say bad days don't exist, but to say bad days can no longer speak over your value or your life. 

3. You are a fighter. You dare to wonder. You boldly disagree with cynicism, speak a better word, and point others to where hope can be found. As Benjamin Franklin put it, "Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five.” You keep hope alive.

This is the original property and literary work of Wonder Age Creative, LLC. No derivative works/adaptations, printing, republishing, manufacturing or distribution for sale without the authorization of the copyright owner.

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