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Our Story

Wonder Age is the product of a mentally, emotionally and spiritually transformative year for our founder, Erica McClintock. After facing nearly three years of depression, she hit her breaking point and was ready to give up. 

Until she didn’t.

While enrolled in a ten-month church planting and leadership course in Hereford, England, Erica set out on an introspective journey in hopes of finding answers to the root of her depression, identity and diluted view of God and the Church. Through worship, reading scripture and becoming a part of a passionate, faith-filled community, founder says it “led her to a change of heart.”

“2018 was one of the most incredible years of my life. I started the program incredibly cynical. We had to write a letter to ourselves on one of the first days there. It was like a prayer of what we wanted to see God grow, heal or restore in us while we were there. I was not into it AT ALL. In my letter, I was literally like this is so dumb and I doubt I’m going to change my mind about who you are, God, because you have disappointed me beyond belief and I think you suck. But honestly, there was a small part of me that was still open to change. It was very tiny, but it was there. At the end of my letter, I found myself asking God for joy. That’s the only thing I wanted out of my time there. I didn’t care about planting a church or leading in the Church, I just wanted to want to live and enjoy a good life.”

Erica found herself in an atmosphere that was conducive to transformation. Though resistant and hesitant at first, she began to release forgiveness, past failure and disappointment. She took challenging steps of faith and began to notice “the weight of darkness falling off of her.”

“One of the hardest things for me to do was worship. Toxic, but I didn’t think that God deserved it. I was so hurt by things that I had experienced and buried that I literally wouldn’t even open my mouth to sing. I would be next to my friends during church services and they would just be going for it - arms raised, leaping, declaring words of faith, crying on their faces in reverence. And I was just standing there with my arms crossed, going back and forth in my mind with questions like why am I even here? and what would happen if I just let it go, whatever “it” was that was keeping me from experiencing God in the way that they were. When I finally decided to humble myself and worshipmostly because I needed to, not because I wanted toI felt lighter. I felt my wonder coming back.”

Metanoia, a Greek word meaning “change of mind” is the bedrock of the lifestyle brand. 

“I started the program in September of 2017 and didn’t come around until January of the following year. I was so convinced that cynicism and self-reliance would take me further in life than hope and faith would, which was an odd belief for a Christian. I was wrong. There’s a saying going around right now that’s something like “Normalize changing your mind when you find out new information.” That’s basically what metanoia is. I didn’t realize it, but I was believing all of these lies about who God was and who he believed me to be, which was most likely the reason why I felt so spiritually heavy all the time. Without the Bible, teachers, mentors and friends I had there, I would literally be in the ground right now. Saved my life.” 

Wonder Age is all about inviting others into a perspective change. Founder says, “Regardless of who or what you place your faith in, I think we can all agree that we weren’t created to live defeated, hopeless, anxious or insecure. It is my goal that in some way, each of Wonder Age’s items encourages buyers and onlookers to view life through the lens of wonder. This is not an invitation to walk through life with rose-colored glasses on, but to stop and consider the magnitude of value your life holds to God and to your generation. We were meant to bring good into the world. Wonder Age exists as a practical expression of doing so.”

Our Founder

Hi! ✨

I’m Erica McClintock, the founder of Wonder Age. I just wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by today - you are a star, truly! I just got done stalking Glossier’s About Us page and I believe that this is where I'm supposed to start writing in third person about how passionate I am about organic cotton, colorways and fonts. However, I am way more passionate about people. I love what God has to say about you and how much value He places on your life. I created Wonder Age so that you (and every person reading your clothing) would be encouraged with truth, whether you're running to Trader Joe's or running around your neighborhood.

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, you are welcome here. My hope is that your shopping and social media experiences of us leave you feeling seen, uplifted and championed in what you’re meant to do.
I am of the firm belief that no one can ever be over-encouraged.

Let’s connect if you’re up for it!
I’m a simple woman who loves iced matcha lattes, Beyoncé live albums, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. You can find me on Instagram at @ericarmcc.


Thank you again for supporting a black-owned, female-operated small business. 💪🏾

Our Locations

We are an e-commerce business based in Greenville, South Carolina.


Late Bird Boutique
1200 N Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


34 Caroline St
Hartwell, GA 30643


We're currently working on our pop-up schedule for Summer 2024.
You can expect to find us in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston!


Other Lands
731 Rutherford Rd, Greenville, SC 29609
May 25, 2024

New Realm Brewing Co.
912 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
June 15, 2024

Other Lands
731 Rutherford Rd, Greenville, SC 29609
June 29, 2024

The Village Grind
1258 Pendleton St, Greenville, SC 29611
August 3, 2024

For more information on pop-up shops and wholesale opportunities, check out our Contact page.

and the fine print, too

Customer Care


Your order is shipped within 2-7 business days via USPS or UPS and domestic orders should arrive to your doorstep within a week or less. Our international babes maybe waiting up to three weeks from your order date. Those ordering from the UK can expect to pay a customs fee of around 15 quid. 

All tracking information is sent via email, so please be mindful of spelling errors and small typos during checkout.

If you find that you've made a mistake upon digital receipt, send us an email at sales@shopwonderage.com.

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Some of our items ship from a third party vendor in North Carolina. If you notice a scent or slight discoloration, don't worry. Both will disappear after the first wash. 



Due to our limited stock, we do not offer returns or issue refunds at this time. If you have received the wrong size or color of an item you've purchased, please send us an email at sales@shopwonderage.com within 5 business days of reception and we will get you squared away! We reserve the right to deny exchanging any apparel that is not in its original condition (unworn, unwashed and undamaged.)

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We believe that caring for the earth is an incredible gift, privilege and responsibility. Here's how we are actively making choices to make Wonder Age as sustainable as possible:


Our Tees

Our signature t-shirts are Comfort Colors®, known for their high quality, durability and soft feel. They are manufactured in facilities where workers' health and rights are respected. They're also taking steps to minimize their energy and water consumption to reduce harm to the environment. Once we receive them, our shirts designed in-house and printed locally by a family-owned small business in Anderson, SC. 

We also use a third party vendor out of North Carolina for our printing to reduce waste. All inks used are Oeko-Tex certified and safe.

If you're interested in more info, visit genuineresponsibility.com.


Our Packaging

All of our packaging is completely recyclable.  


Low Waste

We are fighting to remain as digital as possible to cut back on waste, which is why your purchase won't come with printed packing slips, plastic clothing/size tags and marketing overload.


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