How We're Giving Back

We are currently working behind the scenes to perfect our partnership program that works to fundraise money for students of church leadership and ministry programs as well as long-term, unpaid church planters and missionaries.

The goal of our partnership program is to remove financial burden from called people. We hope to accomplish this goal through creating opportunities for our buyers to be generous through the purchase of our items. Up to 20% of our annual profit is sown into an account we’ve named The Wonder Fund. The Wonder Fund helps to cover our partners heaviest financial barricades like tuition, flight and travel expenses, rent* and groceries.

We hope to provide domestic and international church planters, students and missionaries with remote employment. Sales that would contribute to The Wonder Fund largely rely on the connections of our partners’ friends and families. Paid partners can expect to promote our store via social media and/or wholesale relationships. Partners also get early access to our newest arrivals, gain an opportunity to collaborate with us in developing a personal collection and receive a discount code for personal use. 

We hope to select up to five partners per year to support for the calendar year (i.e. Fall 2021-Spring 2022.) Prospective students/leaders complete our “Become A Partner” interest form and upon approval, take part in an extensive application process that involves a questionnaire, church leadership references, program transcript (where applicable) and a virtual interview. 

We hope to open our interest form March 2021 for prospective students and leaders seeking support for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 term. As for now, we are saving in preparation for our future partners needs.

Thank you so much for shopping with us! Your dollars are literally changing someone's world (and the world at large.) Look at you go!